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The New

VIBE Cyber

Pilot Program

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This new program is launching in July 2019

Why are we launching the Pilot Program for VIBE Cyber Security?

Helping both enterprise customers and innovators with IoT enabled solutions is our mandate. Customers need assurances about the solutions they are considering and innovators need to ensure that they are certified for security and tested for interoperability in order to scale to potential.

VIBE Cyber is at the forefront of a new age of IoT and Smart Systems security, with a number of hardware partner certifications and embedded technologies ready to deploy in massive networks.

We have partnered with full stack IoT companies which in combination, allow us to provide a known IoT solutions stack for PoC, Pilot projects and early stage developers.

The IoT Foundry Stack will include access to the new 5G services made available from Government agencies in Ontario.

This combination of services and support will allow critical infrastructure projects to take shape from the earliest development or complete deployment stages.


Submit your IoT Project for consideration in the VIBE Cyber Pilot program

Showcase your core IoT technologies and services to get certified for Scale Up opportunities.

Collaborate with other Developers and Technology Partners

Get your technology or new IP tested and maybe included as embedded or OEM products with our partners.

Take advantage of new R+D and Global Markets.

Leverage Strategic Partnerships and Global Distributors to gain traction and scale your business.

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