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IoT Innovation Hub

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Convening and amplifying the IoT industry to help business and economic growth.

IoT Foundry is developing local innovation challenges and rapid incubation activities that will be open to participants across several vertical industries and technologies.

IoT Development

We are creating a magnetic environment to make it easy to bring IoT and AI based ideas, solutions and applications to fruition.

Industry Collaboration

We want to educate key stakeholders about IoT and its benefits. Bringing IoT and AI products to potentially Global markets is the output.

Solution Showcase

We are building a solution showcase of all of the IoT / AI companies and projects that are currently operating in the Region.

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Located in the new Milton Education Village Innovation Centre (MEVIC)

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IoT Foundry Launches at MEVIC IoT Symposium

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For those of us used to running at the speed of technology, putting together an event seems like just another to-do in a never ending stream of tasks. I routinely…

Value Creation in Strategic Partnerships

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In previous posts, we discovered that with open innovation we can co-create value in new partnerships. Many companies are still not open to sharing their IP and other strategic assets,…

IP as a Product vs. Funding a Startup

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As per our last post on Open Innovation vs. Lean Startup the process by which IP is developed and brought to market differ greatly. In the LSU we make founders…

Open Innovation vs. Lean Startup

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The Startup Grind is Status Quo. There are a lot of challenges facing startups and customers alike. Disruption waits for nobody. Technologies are advancing in capabilities at a record pace….