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Convening and amplifying the IoT industry to help business and economic growth.

IoT Foundry is developing local innovation challenges and rapid incubation activities that will be open to participants across several vertical industries and technologies.

IoT Development

We are creating a magnetic environment to make it easy to bring IoT and AI based ideas, solutions and applications to fruition.

Industry Collaboration

We want to educate key stakeholders about IoT and its benefits. Bringing IoT and AI products to potentially Global markets is the output.

Solution Showcase

We are building a solution showcase of all of the IoT / AI companies and projects that are currently operating in the Region.

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Located in the new Milton Education Village Innovation Centre (MEVIC)

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Developing Practical IoT Products

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Developing Practical IoT Products - An Interview With TechProductManagement's Daniel Elizalde Despite of its potential to revolutionize industry and solve a lot of the world's biggest problems, IoT is still…

The Centre for Advanced Cyber Security to Launch in January 2018

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  This new program is launching in January 2018 Why are we launching the Centre for Advanced Cyber Security? There are a number of circumstances which are combining that makes…

Predictive Analytics for Manufacturers: Everything you need to know

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Join us December 7th at MEVIC in Milton, Ontario Predictive Analytics & Decision-Making: Everything your manufacturing organization needs to know about predictive maintenance & creating a project plan. Join industry experts…

Industry 4.0 and Prioritizing Core Capabilities for Adoption

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Increasing Complexity or Compounding Value? Referring to the above diagram, we can see that reaching the status of Industry 4.0 will take some work. Some organizations view this process as…