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We’re excited to be working with Silicon Valley Consulting firm Strategy of Things  in the delivery of this important Post Pandemic collaboration framework  for implementation in Canada.

This past week has shown that we can reach out to our technology and innovation ecosystem to bring a variety of ideas, products and capabilities in support of open calls to help with COVID-19 impacts. An example was to help fill demands for ventilators, which drew hundreds of posts in social channels across the globe. The influx of unstructured pitches and offers to collaborate showed us that there needs to be a top down framework to allow such problems and solutions come together with purpose.

Orchestrating a diverse portfolio of innovators, technology companies, municipalities, regions and government agencies in infrastructure, health and academics requires a strategic blueprint. This important new framework provides a hybrid approach to apply with new Health Canada mandates and protocols (modelled by CDC) and overlays it with evolving Smart City / Critical Infrastructure services, informatics and technologies in a standards based methodology.

Soon, we’ll be introducing our localized Road map to facilitate coaches to help innovators work collaboratively with private sector partners.

I look forward to speaking with our academic, government, technology and municipal partners to begin facilitating the collaboration framework deployment.

If you would like to be an early adopter or are interested in any facet of participation, please contact us with the form below: