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The Advanced Cyber Security Technology Partner Program

Collaboration and Co-development of New Security Solutions.

Why are we launching the Centre for Advanced Cyber Security?

There are a number of circumstances which are combining that makes a focus on Security a priority for IoT Foundry.

1) Slow adoption of disruptive and transformative technologies by companies of all sizes and across most industries due to security fears.

2) Advancement of cyber security risk globally.

3) Increasing amounts of R+D in both current and new Post Quantum Cryptography in Canadian Universities.

4) Access to existing technologies in security solutions available today from many local and global companies.

5) Access to new IP in Post Quantum Cryptography to be commercialized in Canada.

6) Certification training for IoT Product Managers / IT & OT and Developers for the IoT Security Decision Framework (an IoT Foundry Service)

7) Custom security training and industry/ certification training options for all stakeholders.

8) Partnership with startups, technology partners and corporate clients via Open Innovation to create new solutions which can then be commercialized and corporate strategic optioning services can be offered to track IP and monetization.

9) Halton Region and the Technology Corridor already have significant resources which can benefit from a focused Cyber Security Cluster.


Who should participate?

We have been working with Cyber Security and IoT Security specialist companies over the last 12 months to understand both their problems and opportunities. Due to the complex nature of security, especially when put into context of an IoT product or services solution, many companies find it difficult to meet all the “check boxes” with a single solution.

We have researched the complexity of many new IoT products and wit the aid of the IoT Decision framework, we can offer a more completely thought out and well architected solution. As you can imagine, it then becomes very difficult to test and provide an easy to reference PoC or pilot project.

What will the benefits be?

Partnering with global providers and technology integrators allows us to;

  1. Search for existing referenced solutions by industry or applications.
  2. Recruit and partner with Security experts in Halton Region and beyond.
  3. Source and reference and track new IP in Post Quantum Solutions.
  4. License and cross license technologies in support of IoT adoption and growth for growing technology partners.
  5. Create a test lab with Open Quantum cryptography and provide services to SW developers and hardware/ firmware designers.
  6. Develop an extensible MOOC for many stakeholders in support of Security Knowledge and skill transfer. (Commercial and within University R+D outputs)
  7. Provide access to IT vendor certification training programs to augment capabilities and thus adoption of disruptive technologies.

Bring your IoT / Cyber Security Technology, Product or Service to the Centre.

Showcase your core security technologies and services to get new exposure.

Collaborate with Developers and Technology Partners

Get your technology or new IP tested and maybe included as embedded or OEM products with our partners.

Take advantage of new R+D and Global Markets.

Leverage Strategic Partnerships and Global Distributors to gain traction and scale your business.

Ready to Sign up?

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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